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Founded over 45 years ago based on their knowledge of providing enzymes, proteins and flavors to various industries. Today, American Laboratories is proud to offer an extensive listing of over 300 products to the Food Processing, Pharmaceutical, Veterinary Health, Nutritional, and Companion Animal industries. 


For over 40 years Ofichem has been working to improve health
for humans and animals by providing high quality active pharmaceutical ingredients. API’s that not only meet our client’s needs but also comply with stringent health and safety regulations.


was established in 1989 as one of the largest manufacturers of microcrystalline cellulose & cellulose powder with a team of technocrats, well-qualified and highly experienced in the fields of pharmaceutical and chlorinated synthetic resins.


Established in 2017, Essential Minerals is proud to be the only naturally pure Calcium Carbonate manufacturer for the food and pharmaceutical markets.  Whether you are looking for low-cost calcium fortification, acidity control, a buffering agent, or flow aide, Calcium Carbonate may be the right fit for you.

 Canadian Fine Chemical Distribution – International Manufacturing Partners
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